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New Graduates Join the Company in October

October 7, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) has established the recruitment of diverse human resources as a part of its human resources-related strategy in E-Plan 2022, its mid-term management plan, and has positioned it as a prerequisite for EBARA’s sustainable global growth. Based on this, new graduates will join EBARA in October for the first time.

1. Background
Since 2011, EBARA has been recruiting at overseas universities. On the other hand, since the number of non-Japanese students studying Japan and the number of Japanese students studying overseas are increasing. More and more universities in Japan permit students to graduate in September. Considering these circumstances, the company will now accept new graduates in October in addition to March, which is the conventional date of graduation in Japan. We will enhance our global presence in the competitive recruiting market to succeed in employing diverse human resources.

2. Summary of the new graduates to join the company in October
13 people have received job offers from EBARA to join the company in October, which is the very first time for the company.

Breakdown: Nine students graduating from overseas universities
Three non-Japanese students and one Japanese student graduating from universities in Japan

3. Future plan
EBARA will increase the employment opportunities to hire more diverse human resources and to create working environments where those employees are highly motivated to work.

The EBARA Group will enhance job satisfaction and create the working environment for diverse employees in accordance with our Long-term vision and Mid-term management plan, resulting in the continued improvement of the corporate value.