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EBARA builds overhaul center for vacuum pumps in Dresden

October 9, 2020

The construction site of a new overhaul center

EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME), an overseas group company of EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) in Germany, is constructing a new center for the overhaul of dry vacuum pumps. It will be the second overhaul center for EPME.

1. Overview
EPME is the European sales and service company whose business portfolio in Europe includes dry and turbo molecular vacuum pumps, as well as the business with CMP systems for chip manufacturing in semiconductor production and so-called gas abatement systems, such as for the chemical industry. In 1993, the first overhaul center opened in Livingston, Scotland. Dry vacuum pumps from Ebara and other manufacturers are overhauled there with a full capacity of operation.

Dresden is a high-tech city known as “Silicon Saxony”. The area of an overhaul center is 800 m2 along with the office space and the warehouse for the European market. Every day, a huge number of items – from miniature sensors to vacuum pumps weighing many hundreds of kilos – are shipped from Dresden to the whole European countries and Israel. The amount of investment is approx. 1.6 million Euro.

2. Message from Managing Director of EPME
Dr. Reinhart Richter, managing director of EPME says “In these uncertain times of Covid-19, with the construction of a further overhaul center, we want to send a clear and above all positive signal that EBARA follows the market demand.”

3. Future plan
If everything proceeds as planned, the opening of the overhaul center in Dresden will be celebrated in April 2021. As we manifest in our long term vision E-Vision 2030, the EBARA Group will contribute to the development of high spec semiconductors necessary to address the increasing demand for IoT, Cloud, AI, automated driving (self-driving cars), and 5G through the provision of cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

EBARA Group aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG material issues based on our Long-term vision and Mid-term management plan, is working on further improving our corporate value.