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Implementing referral recruitment

November 16, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) is promoting diversity in the workplace as a part of its long-term vision, E-Vision 2030. We are implementing referral recruitment system* and provide diverse employees with meaningful work and comfortable working environment.

1. Background
EBARA adopted referral recruitment in 2019. Competition for hiring new graduates and mid-career workers has intensified in recent years. In particular, it is becoming more difficult to hire young generations due to partly because of declining birthrate and aging population. By utilizing referral recruitment, we aim to reduce the mismatch between the company and employees and improve retention rates. In addition, it provides access to people who are not active in the job market, leading to recruitment of a diverse range of talents.

2. Outcome of referral recruiting
Start time: September 2019
Accepted offer: 17 persons (as of October 2020)
Mid-career hire: 3 persons
New graduates of 2021: 14 persons

3. Future challenges
EBARA is not only expanding the opportunities to acquire diverse talents, but also aiming to create a work environment where employees work with a high level of motivation. Currently, referral recruitment system is used to hire mainly young employees, but we plan to adopt the system for all recruitment at EBARA in the future.

EBARA Group aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG material issues based on our Long-term vision and Mid-term management plan, is working on further improving our corporate value.

*Referral recruitment: Recruitment method in which employees refer to their acquaintance to apply for an open position. It enables the company to hire more suitable applicants for the company because the applicant is referred by incumbent employees who have proper understanding of the company. At the same time, applicants can gain knowledge about the company from its employees and understand the company well so that it is also helpful to prevent mismatches to be discovered after joining the company.