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Integrated Report & ESG Data

Integrated Report 2020

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  • Cover
  • EBARA Way
  • Introduction

    - Founding Based on Passion and Dedication
    - History of Growing While Addressing the Social Issues of Every Era with Technologies and Reliability
    - Distinctive Presence Underscored by Technologies and Reliability
    - Social Value Created by EBARA
    - Unending Support for Society Based on the Spirit of "Netsu to Makoto"

  • EBARA Group's Corporate Value Creation

    - Message from the President
    - Value Creation Story
    - Vision for 10 Years into the Future
    - Discussion between Key Sustainability Committee Figures

  • Business Strategies

    - Special Feature: New Businesses
    - Three Businesses Supporting Social and Industrial Infrastructure
    - Fluid Machinery & Systems Business
    - Environmental Plants Business
    - Precision Machinery Business

  • Resource Strategies

    - Financial Strategies as Explained by the Executive in Charge of Finance
    - Human Resource Strategy
    - R&D and Intellectual Property Strategy
    - Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Refined ESG-Focused Management

    - Environmental Initiatives
    - Social Initiatives
    - Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors
    - Composition of the Board of Directors
    - Board of Directors
    - Brief Personal History of Directors
    - Corporate Governance
    - Risk Management
    - Compliance
    - Executive Officers

  • Corporate Data

    - Performance Highlights
    - Overview of ESG Material Issues, KPIs, and Results
    - 11-Year Financial Summary
    - Analysis of Business Results, Financial Position, and Cash Flows
    - Consolidated Financial Statements
    - EBARA Group's Global Network
    - Corporate Profile / Stock Information

  • Back Cover
  • Print-friendly PDF
  • GRI Content Index and ESG Data
  • Integrated Report Questionnaire

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